Albany Senior High School – Auckland, New Zealand

Albany Senior High School (ASHS) was opened in 2009. It was the first senior high school in New Zealand and the first modern learning environment at senior secondary level. In the innovative curriculum, students take 5 Specialist Subjects where they become the experts they need to be, they are involved in Tutorials where they build their learning power and they are given a full day to develop their own Impact Projects where they take their learning to the world. The aim is for every student to find success as a learner in all three strands. The quality of the student learning is dependant on the quality of the teaching in each strand. In this workshop you will hear how ASHS has developed a professional inquiry model that is rigorous and ongoing. The model demands that teachers learn from each other, from research and above all from the students in front of them. ASHS also encourages (and funds) teachers to undertake University study – Masters study that has a direct application to the strategic direction of the school. It is the quality of the teaching that makes the difference. You will be challenged to consider how, as leaders, through the quality of the conversations we have with our staff, we can strongly influence the quality of the teaching at our schools.