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YearPresenter NamePresenter EmailPresentation TitleFile DownloadLink to Resource
2016 Jadis Blurton A Culture of Innovation Link
2016 Jadis Blurton A Culture of Innovation: We're Liberated!... Now What? Link Link
2016 Liz Cho Admin, WTF? Link
2016 Melissa Daniels An Ethic of Contribution: Leading Schools Where Students Create Work that Matters Link
2016 Claire Dunn Are attitudes holding your students back? Link
2016 John Burns Creating a culture in which Innovation can spark Link
2016 Richard Pratt Education for and through Interdependence Link
2016 Howard Stribbell Embracing Social Media to Tell Your School's Story Link
2016 Steve Katz Expanding Your Influence Link
2016 Glenn Chickering How We Do What We Do Link Link
2016 Teresa Tung Innovation & Impact: Effective Professional Learning Link
2016 Stacy Stephens Into the Future with the Futures Academy Link
2016 Cameron Paterson Network Leadership Link Link
2016 Greg O'Connor Promoting Student Agency for ALL Learners Using Digital Tools Link
2016 Kevin Krembs SML - The Self-Motivated Learning Project Link
2016 Lene Jensby Lange Spotlight Keynote: Imagine School Link
2016 Stacy Stephens The Future is Now (Spotlight Session) Link
2016 Susie Wise The Untapped Power of 'How Might We...' Link
2016 Lene Jensby Lange The World's Best School Link
2016 Jamie Steckart THINK Global School: Where Placed-Based Learning gets Real (Spotlight Session) Link